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    April 16, 2013
    4:00 - 5:00pm PDT  

>> all of a sudden this blast next to me buckled by legs. i knew i was going down. >> 12 seconds later a second explosion dr. painter standing just 20 feet from the blast rushing to help the injured. >> it was mostly lower extremity blasts. >> investigators siching to find out who is behind the bombings. >> this commission is clear bringing to justice those responsible for the bombing. >> experts are poring over evidence looking for kbluz explosive device autos if you want to know who we are, what america is, how we respond to evil that, is it. unafraid. >> and people are trying to get on with their lives, on a
street with restaurants and a lot of people are running and determined not to let what happened yesterday keep them from living their lives. live in boston abc 7 news. >> ama, thank you. >> an 11-year-old boy from martinez is a young bombing victim, injured as he watched his mother finish the race. laura martinez is live where a fund-raiser will be held. >> motional conversation with his grandmother. i heard time and again today martinez this is a small community and it rallies around those who have been hurt that. is the case here tonight this, restaurant rocks on main street is having a pasta feed for the hern family. we've talked with her grandmother who is shaken by all her family is going
through in boston it was a long hall they took aaron way in the ambulance before the family could go with him. >> catherine is the grandmother of 11-year-old aaron hern who was hit by shrapnel waiting for his mother to cross the finish line monday afternoon. >> you know, his hair was sinked he was that close. his, you know, his ear was red. and his eye was swollen. they did a clean up to where the shrapnel hit him he had other abrasions. >> she told us she and her daughter helped find the hospital because her skpairnts sister couldn't get through on the phone line. >> my daughter was in sacramento. skme i called all of the hospitals and got an idea he might be at children's hospital.
>> she says the family is grateful for help they're getting at home. >> it's unthinkable what happened. >> the hern's next door neighbor took these portraits of aaron and his sister not long ago. >> he's a super are nice kid, active. intelligent. bright. and sweet, typical big brother. >> like many, the family friend has stepped in to help the family communicate back and forth from boston to the bay area as well as helping raise money for expenses. >> we've had a number of illnesses, tragedies in this city whether you know the family or not. people step up. >> this restaurant holding a fund-raiser for the hern family from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. 100% of the proceeds will go to the family. the photographer we spoke with is also having a fund-raiser for the hern family this weekend. the junior high that aaron attends as well as high school
where his father is a teacher and coach also doing their part we'll have more for you on their efforts tonight on abc 7 news at 6:30. >> we saw a police presence this morning officers were sweeping the area with a bomb-sniffing dog. police have been on alert since yesterday but getting ready for a flag raising ceremony to commemorate the anniversary of israel's inindependence. the president ordered u.s. flags flown at half staff. >> back in boston well wishers brought flowers to the home of a family devastated by yesterday's bombing. an 8-year-old martin richard died in the blast. his 6-year-old sister lost a leg. their mother suffered a brain injury. neighbors describe the family as being very active in the community, boston's dorchester neighborhood. >> they're an all american
family. three kids, mother, father, used to play outside of the r.all of the time. the kids outside, having a good time. this is just a tragedy. >> someone etched the word peace in chalk on the sidewalk. bill richards thanking family and friends and strangers and asked people to pray for his family. >> right after the blast jammed phone lines prevented people at that site from reaching relatives. >> one man badly injured did get a hold of his mom. she told the story today on good morning america. >> my son called me at 3:00 on my cell phone saying i'm hurt bad and he couldn't save his brother or girlfriend. and he was rushed to the hospital. and we couldn't find my other son for a long time, after. >> paul norton both survived
but each lost a leg below the knee. paul's girlfriend suffered burns and all three standing next to martin richards, the 8-year-old boy killed in the attack. >> "sports illustrated" featuring the other side of the attack the quick response and finish by marathonner bill ifred. despite being knocked down by 4 the blast the 78-year-old got up and finished the race. the now iconic photo taken by a photographer of the boston globe. >> coming up we'll talk to runners and families returning to the bay area from boston and will be joined by a family therapist with advice on how all of us should deal with this and how to talk to our children about the attack and how bombings could impact future events including beta breakers race next month. >> a santa clara county paramedic shot and killed in oakland was buried today. >> hundreds of people attended
the funeral. his wife tearfully emerge frtd church and holding a flag honoring his work as an emergency responder. after the service fellow paramedics spoke of commitment to work and joined by other first responders from the bay area fire, and police departments. >> increasingly a he is spishlly since september 11th these communities merged and we realized the affects and grieve with quinn's family and his wife. >> police have not made arrests in this case however, they do plan to make an announcement within next hour we'll tell you what they say coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> a court hearing took place for three teenager aged boy accused of sexual assaulting a 15-year-old audrie pott. the court will not disclose what happened during the hearing in san jos yai. it
centered on whether the boys should be in juvenile hall or be replaced -- released to their parents. >> happening now pg&e issued a power alert urging people to consempb electricity after vandals shot up electric trance formers in san jose. >> pg&e says power might be affected while crews repair the damage. investigators say vandals shot up the trance formers and five of the wires were hit by gun zpir began leaking. clean up shut down part of the road in the area, nearby phone lines were cut. it's not clear if these are related. >> turning to weather right now continuing to be breezy out there. >> yes. spencer christian is off but sandhya patel is tracking it. >> it's breezy but blue skies now. looking at live doppler 7 there are sprinkles around clover dale we have current wind speeds from about 20 to
25 miles per hour these gusts you're looking at so it's breezy out there. there is a wind advisory we're expecting gusts up to 40 in that area. up to the north, not really a wind situation but a frost advisory up from 11:00 p.m. tonight through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow this covers humbolt lake and trinity counties so ukiah could possibly see frost. in north bay valleys you can see frost. low 50s, low 60s tomorrow morning a chilly start with frost. bundle up. low 30s to mid-40s, mild, sunny skies tomorrow afternoon you're going to see temperatures coming up low 60s to mid-70s, warmer weather coming up i'll be back with the details. >> thank you. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 airline problems left thousands of passengers strand add cross the nation and here in the bay area. >> and what we're hearing
today from men and women. >> at 4:12 checking out afternoon commute at the skyway. oncoming traffic head together lower deck of the bay bridge congested as always, sta
this is a video from sky 7
hd this morning a big rig overturned spilling scrap metal all over the freeway. this happened just before 6:00 a.m. and traffic now back to normal but the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> san quentin prison officials confirm an inmate convicted of five murders has been found dead in his cell. justin helser fived five people as part of a plot to bring about the second coming of christ exwlind him snefl a previous suicide attempt. officials say he hung himself on sunday. his brother is on death row now under suicide watch. >> service on american airlines has been restored earlier today a glitch forced air line to ground flights nationwide. sky 7 hd was overhead as american planes had to stop there on the tarmac at sfo. american flies 275,000
passengers every day and this grounding was an inconvenience to passengers in the bay area. >> this is after a long time had to wait and wait. we're doing a long trip. >> airline officials sate grounding is no way related to the bombing. it was a problem with computer reservations systems. officials say delays could persist throughout the night. >> turn together forecast as menged spencer christian has the day off. >> it's breezy. but we're expecting temperatures to continue to come up like they they did today. and we'll go with grad wall warming for the rest of the week. right now, we'll talk about
clouds here and there. looking at this view from our east bay hills camera, you can see for miles, sunny skies outside. temperatures 58 degrees in san francisco. it's 67 in mountain view. san jose 65 degrees and from our mount tamalpais camera you can see towards san francisco, couple clouds just a bit of left overmoisture is what you get. 67 degrees in fairfield. highlights now, cold conditions inland with frost. warming trend continuing, temperatures up today it will continue throughout the end of the week. and a dry pattern expected throughout the weekend so if you have plans don't have to worry about the rain. area of high pressure 24 hours ago is gone. high pressure controlling weather. look for a string of sunny skies and warmer days ahead.
temperatures coming up slowly. so just a gradual trend. 33 degrees by nappa. you can see frost so make sure you protect your plants. 35 degrees in santa rosa. some other cold locations livermore, morgan hill, upper 30s, san francisco, 46 degrees temperatures 42 in the morning in san jose. tomorrow afternoon, sunshine in the south bay. 72 degrees in san jose. it's going to be blue skies on the peninsula, mild weather. 71 redwood city. los altos 72 degrees. and that is an improvement. north bay communities you're going see 70s except around
clear lake. 69 there. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. east bay, sunshine, 72 in oakland. 70 for new union city. inland communities 73 this in walnut creek. 71 in livermore, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it does feature a slow warming trend upper 70s inland by thursday, low 60s coast side, low 80s friday through sunday inland areas upper 50s to low 60s coast, warmest day mid-80s. >> thank you. >> up next what one community group is doing to make the golden state warriors planned water front arena become a reality, then, after 4:30... >> in west portal what happens when water service is restored to red tagged homes where appliances are disconnected
and no one is home? that story is still to come. >> and taking a look live at walnut creek, sunny skies there and traffic on
former beatle paul mccartney will highlight the outside lands concert running from august 9-11. other include nine inch nails, vampire weekend and darrell hall and john oates. >> golden state warriors trying to drum up support for the new arena on the san francisco water front. several explayers were there, so is carmen policy co-cheering the cheerleadering effort. >> it's not so much a rush as being able to have warriors here in the city of san francisco. >> if it concerns at this point are environmental. the fact the city is doing a
lot of this behind closed doors and it's not allowing for citizen input. >> warriors hope to begin playing on piers 30-32 by the 2017 season. project going before the land use committee next month. >> pat somerall passed away, one of the first athletes who made the transition from the field to broadcast booth. and he start add announcing games and had a 40-year career as a play by play announcer. he teamed with john madden for 21 years on cbs and fox. he was 82 years old. >> hard to lose that voice. isn't it? still ahead we continue coverage of the boston bombing. >> at sfo people who ran in the marathon yesterday are returning home today and they have stories to tell. >> first instinct was to run
across the street and help people he is being called a hero today, you'll hear more stories of the efforts to save victims of the boston marathon. >> how should parents talk to their children when tragedy strikes? we'll be joined with
here is the latest information in boston bombings all three people who live their lives were identified today. abc news learned investigators found a mangled remains of one bomb and investigators say explosives were inside pressure cookers planted in dark backpacks and left on the ground. >> people have been flying home to the bay area from boston. >> wayne joins us now. >> they're trying to make sense of what happened thech went to boston expecting a triumphant day. it ended in sadness. this sign says boston. faces of the passengers say boston, too. >> i was about 300 meters away. >> he were back in the hotel room and found out.
>> i did hear explosions. >> the 117th boston marathon has become the most memorable now. on the no. knot so small matter of dealing with it. >> this is emotional. knowing that 8-year-old boy, i have a 6 and a half year old. that would co-have been my family. >> have you had time to get philosophical on this yet? >> oh, yes. every day. we don't know what is going to happen. every day, you've got to treat it like it's the last day. >> this is safe to say sfo never looked so good. the prospect of home, never more inviting. we like to say everyone has a story. boston yesterday is one these travelers, this nation can not forget. >> this is heart breaking,
really. upsetting to see something so negative happen in just such an amazing event. >> i'm scared. more scared than i've ever been. we're never safe. >> when is the first thing you'll do when you get home? >> hug my kids. >> can't tell you how many times yufr heard that. hug your kids, husband, brother, sister. other thing we asked people if they'd go back to run next year. everyone said yes. >> when the bombs went off people ran way from the explosions some special people ran towards danger ask wanted to help the wounded. spectators stayed to help. one injured couple escaped into a store and improv vized to keep his wife from bleeding to death. >> just grabbed something to r
so i grabbed shirts off the rack and wrapped her leg. >> lives were able to be saved. >> former patriots player joe andrusi carried a injured run yes, today the president praised courage of those who pitched in to help. >> american people refuse to be terrorized what the world saw yesterday in aftermath were exhausted runners kept running to give blood and those stayed to tend to the wounded some turn tearing off their clothes to make tourniquets. men and women still treating the wounded in the best hospitals in the world. >> the president also ordered
flags at the white house and all federal government buildings be flown at half staff in honor of the victims. >> this tragedy can hit all of us hard. >> dr. field is a therapist. this is before getting to kids this is hard for adults to deal w what do you recommend for them? >> that is the first step, they can't be helpful to their children so if you know you're sensitive and that you have trouble sleeping as it is, really try to focus on what there is that is positive. p.there are so many people their natural response was how can i be helpful z also, to reassure yourself we're seeing
it on the news because it's so unusual. this rarely happens and hasn't happened for a long time. >> this is when the 24 news cycle can be hard, people want to know but it's hard to watch. >> i would say turn off the 24 hour news stations and if you have feelings talk to friends about it when your children aren't aaround. don't be careless about leaving newspapers around and headlines young children, we may know we're seeing the same footage or different views but for children, they think this is going on in realtime. so make sure your kids know you can talk to them but don't leave them. what you think they might ab frayed of may be different. they might say i've been
worried about their dogs, who is going to take care that have little boy had a dog? who is going to walk the dog. you might go we'll talk about that. and that might be the end of it. children are so good at managing their ampkititties if you give them tools. think about a project you can do. keep routines going and do stuff outdoors but take care of your own feelings first. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> a 30 second moment of silence will take place before the london marathon starts on sunday. organizers want runners to wear black ribbons to show solidarity as leaders of the london marathon stress the race will go on and police plan to increase security throughout london.
>> we're working to make sure we have tactics in place that we need. i stress there has been no change to the terrorism threats to the uk at the moment. >> you can see here thousands cheered on the runners in london last year and so far no high profile runners have been withdrawn from the race. the prince plans to be on hand to award the winners on sunday. >> a special one-hour edition of world news will air at 5:30 this afternoon. >> still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00 yankees and red sox are huge rival buzz today they're coming together. how the teams are supporting victims. >> i'm sanlda patel. high definition hills camera looking towards mount tamalpais. blue skies here.
more coming with warmer conditions. details coming up. >> one more live look at traffic into san francisco this, is the toll plaza that is free flowing for everybody heading from oakland trying to get into the city. back with more in just a
on capitol hill today, gabrielle giffords met with
senators on a meeting about gun control laws. she and her husband, mark kelly meet with joe manchin today, sponsoring a bipartisan bill to expand background checks to include sales at gun shows and online. the senate is expected to take up a package of gun laws sometime this week. the tragedy in newtown, connecticut is prompting a change in the raiting system for movies. the motion pictures association ceo announced the meeting today in las vegas. ratings will include descriptions such as strong carnage or war violence. >> tonight the boston red sox will wear black arm bands in honor of victims of the bombing. red sox and new york yankees have one of the most-heated rivalries in sports but today, that is being set aside fr a show of unity. yankees tweeting thought picture showing the loggoes on
a banner says united we stand. and the club announced it will play sweet caroline, a red sox tradition at fenway park. >> wide receiver for the new england patriots recently signed with the team is making a crib yut tweeting today i will donate $100 for every pass i catch next season to whatever boston marathon relief fund there is and $200 for he any dropped pass. >> nice. >> let's hope he catches a bunch. >> yes. are we heading to weather now? >> you'll notice sprinkles earlier, looking at the view around the nation, snow storms developing across rock skbreez plains, winter storm warnings are up. they can see from 12-18 inches of snow. so there could with delays, 53
in the afternoon, rain, thunder. 83 in atlanta. it's gg to be mild with exception of locations. chico, 73. sunny skies around yosemite. 58 los angeles. 72 degrees, bay area high temperatures coming up a couple degrees and 69 in clear lake, half moon bay, 62 degrees. not as breezy. 70s in palo alto, fremont. 72 in concord, san jose, 71 degrees in santa cruz, temperatures continuing to come up every day. we'll get you into low 80s inland in time for weekend plans. so it's dry for the weekend. >> up next, green nobel prize how a visit to san francisco is inspiring stwo winners in the global mission. >> ichl michael finney. in the market for a new
motorcycle? well, we part nerd up with consumer reports to find some of the most-reliable brands and which ones can keep your
a major honor for a young
man from fremont. he has received a 2012 president's environmental youth award for his environmental stewardship work. he founded a nonprofit organization called green kids now inc focusing on raising kids' awareness of environmental issues. he's written two children books on the issue. >> from the award to the winners of the goldman environmental prize honored last night in san francisco. this is known atz green nobel prize. abc 7 news was there as they got the tour. here is cheryl jenning was the story in side san francisco's massive complex, garbage is sorted by hand and machine. this is a dream come true for
the prize winners. both have heard of the program in san francisco. the teacher started his public education campaign about the dangers of incinerators in his small tuscan town, in itally, waste is burned creating green house gases he taught students to recycle paiper and replace plastic water bottles in school lunch room. it's parking a national movement. he was impressed what he saw. >> i when i come back, i have good ideas to share with my colleagues. >> thanks to the grass roots campaign, 40 incinerators have been scrapped or shut down. and more than three million residents joined in the crusade.
nora was also impressed with the operation despite blatant discrimination, health hazards and poor wages, they organize the city. and they made recycling a legitimate part of urban waste management. she got recyclers on board inspiring a movement that keeps weight out of dumps. the city dippers 80% of the waeflt from landfills. both say they see san francisco as a model. it's been great to have them here. >> each of the prize winners including roseannea and nora will receive $150,000 for td
work. >> michael finney partnered with consumer reports on the brands. >> fun, savings. what is not to like? consumer reports has new information on the reliable brands on the road. randy is the owner of this harley davidson motorcycle. >> always wanted something bigger that, is what i d i stepped up consumer reports surveyed motorcycle owners looking to find the best ones. >> part of it is because bikes
loaded with gear had more problems with those thing but vairz show the owners of harl yeez and bmws were the most satisfied with their motorcycle autos basic owner maintenance should be followed. >> replacing $50 brake pads before they're worn down can save hundreds on other parts. keeping tires properly inflated will prevent premature tire wear giving you better handling. if the motorcycle calls for premium gas, use it. and if ilgts its going to sit, be sure to add fuel stabilizer to a full tank this, can help your motorcycle cruising down the road. consumer reports says it's a good idea to get in the habit of doing a quick check before getting on the motorcycle. look for links or cracks in
hoses or tire autos thank you. >> sure. >> up next, as if things couldn't get worse a home is red tagged after a massive water main break has new problems to contend w we're live next. >> right now wanting to take you tloif dorchester massachusetts there is a candle light vigil underway for 8-year-old martin richard. he died in the boston marathon bombings yesterday. coming up, i'll slatest on the boston bombings. >> just a block from where the explosions took place we'll hear from the father of a young martinez boy injured by the blast. >> the reason the irs is zeroing in on the bay area for tax cheats coming up at 5:00.
here is a look at the prime time line up. 8:00, it's splash followed by dancing with the stars results show. body of proof, and join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> two rid tag homes the last thing they needed was more water inside. >> that is what they got. the city turned the water back on. abc 7 news has the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> neighbors here have been happy but we did get a look at the e mail from the yorn of one of the homes who is upset because he feels water was flowing inside of his vacant home for three days. the city disputes that. the restoration company was back today, cleaning up water damage in one red tagged home. not damage from bag on
february 27th whj a 16 inch water main broke, this damage was new. from the week before last when city crews turned water back on to two red tagged homes. this is something that never should have happened. >> if we've been asked to turn it off we lock it. we did not do that. an emergency contractor turned off water soit wasn't error on our part. we didn't allow to it run for a continuous amount of time. >> the homes are unsafe to live in because the flood opened up a sink hole under neem them. so, no one was inside to see water flowing. >> it sounds like because of the work done, they have had open lines left cut for shoring and removeal. that caused that water to leak for a short period of time into two parts of twho home
autos the city has been watching for more movement and settling through boring down in the street at one location they found flowing sands from 25-29 feet and used a mineral to keep drilling. the city says the creek was fill whtd neighborhood was biltd here in the 1920s and not a danger in nonred tagged homes, recovery is slo. kevin says he's ghoten no compensation from the city. >> we have nothing that. is why we've hired a lawyer. >> do you have a total? >> with damages it's around $100,000. >> the san francisco p.u.c. says leaking water into the homes did not make the holes any worse and that in fact the above ground surveys show no significant jeltment of soil
sift since february. homeowners will be getting survey results today. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. our live coverage continues with new details about the deadly ingredient inside of the bombs that killed three people tonight. the father of a local boy injured in the attacks tells abc 7 news how brave his son is. >> act of sabotage in our own backyard affecting things we use every dwhai. vandal dz that is forcing folks to reduce their power usage at home tonight. >> i'm sandhya patel. temperatures up a few degrees today and the warming trend will continue. i'll have numbers coming up.
>> gailtors recovered mangled remains of a bomb that went off yesterday during the boston marathon. they say it was a pressure cooker stuffed with gun powder and shrapnel left on the ground. there is a $50,000 reward in this case. >> two explosions killed three people and injured at least 170 others. all three were identified today. one mother shared her grief. >> we're broken. she was a wonderful person. and anybody that knew her, loved her. >> there is now a growing memorial at the bombing scene and memorial plants being held and also here in the bay area.
>> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> the president plans to travel to boston thursday to attend a service for the victims. one of those wounded is from the bay area. we have ama daetz live tonight. >> ama. >> and now, catherine and allen hern ran in the san francisco marathon and catherine qualify forward boston. they debated and decided she would come and run because it would be the opportunity of a lifetime. they're now in the hospital where their son was behind barricades one street back. >> these this is a brave kid. i don't know if i can do as well as he did.
>> the 11-year-old enjoying time with his family the day before the race but those april happy moments were shattered while waiting for his mom to finish the boston marathon. they heard the first explosion. >> about 10 seconds later the bomb blew up to our left, about 10 feet. it was chaos. >> allen grabbed abby and ran with the crowd but realized aaron wasn't there. he ran back. >> i found him on the sidewalk on his back. we had other people injured he talked to me and said my leg really hurts daddy but he was doing, being brave. >> aaron went to children's hospital with a major leg wound. >> went down to the skin and the fat and superficially on the muscle but not deep into the muscle. >> but they're praying there are no complications. they wait for aaron to recover
the family is faced with dealing with reality of what happened. >> i'm angry. and you are want do something bit. it's not right it happened to an innocent young people that, they're not ready for that kind of stuff. >> aaron is a tough kid. he even dislocated his elbow during football season. he did rehab and was doing well until this side lined him again. his family's love and support will be good medicine. >> i have a ton of respect for the little guy. he's something else. >> ask and the family hasn't been able to talk to him because he has been sedated. tomorrow, he will go under another surgery. they're going to take a look at the wound on his leg. assess it, clean it, then decide what course of action to take next so the family is here indefinitely but they do believe he's a tough little kismd he plays football